Tap Into Water for schools is a Nelson Marlborough Health initiative based on the simple, yet powerful fact that water is the best drink available. It’s the best choice of drink and helps develop healthy, attentive kids

We're encouraging schools and early childhood centres to promote water as the first choice drink for kids, and to adopt water only guidelines.

Tap into water top 5 tips for schools and early childhood centres

  • Make your classroom water only

  • Let kids have drink bottles at their desks

  • Have water only school discos

  • If school bought lunches have a drink option, make sure its water

  • For galas or special occassions make water fun by adding mint, water melon or blueberries.

Why are we promoting water?

Did you know that one in three kiwi kids today are overweight or obese? Obesity is linked to a range of health issues including type 2 diabetes. Tooth decay is a major health issue and every year Nelson Marlborough Health has to remove teeth from 250 kids under general anaesthesia.

Sugar is a leading contributor to these health issues and ‘junk drinks’ like soft drinks, cordials and fruit juice (which naturally contains high sugar) are the swiftest delivery system for positive health outcomes of sugar in the diet. While diet drinks may be free of calories, they are not free of consequences and contribute to tooth decay.

Tapping into water is about drinking health for positive health outcomes. Water is the best choice and helps develop kids with healthy minds and bodies.