Speech language therapists work with patients (aged 16 or greater) who have difficult speaking and swallowing.

They work with patients' families and other healthcare professionals to assess, diagnose and treat:

  • speech disorders (dysarthria and dyspraxia): articulation, fluency, motor
  • voice disorders (dysphonia): quality, volume, pitch, resonance
  • language disorders (aphasia): comprehension and oral and written expression 
  • swallowing disorders (dysphagia): saliva management, chewing and swallowing
  • cognitive aspects of communication: attention, memory, problem solving

They provide inpatient and outpatient appointments as well as community visits.


The referral process

Referrals for speech and language therapy are made by:

  • GPs
  • hospital specialists
  • private healthcare specialists
  • rest home staff


Locations and contact details

Locations and contact details
Nelson Hospital
Level 6
Phone: (03) 546 1797
281 Queen Street, Richmond
Phone: (03) 543 7963
Wairau Hospital
Hospital Road, Blenheim
Phone: (03) 520 6350