Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) is a regional service for children and youth with serious mental health disorders and suspected psychiatric disorders up to aged l8 years. Particular priority is given to youth at risk of suicide or attempted suicide. CAMHS in this region provides a 24 hour crisis service. This is for instances where there is serious concern that a young person is at risk of suicide.

We offer a range of services and best practice interventions. For instance cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), case management, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), group work and psychopharmacology. Our multi-disciplinary team  (MDT) is made up of psychiatrists, mental health nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers, all trained in a range of treatment modalities.

Referral Criteria
Routine referrals for CAMHS come from GPs, community and government agencies, schools (resource teacher or guidance counsellor) and are presented to an intake team meeting daily for consideration. If a referral is appropriate then it is allocated to a case manager as soon as possible. The case manager will make an appointment directly with the family. A case manager or psychologist is appointed according to the needs of the young person or family.

While we strive to balance young people's needs for privacy when issues of self harm or safety are paramount we ask that you inform parents and caregivers of the reasons for your referral. Consultation and liaison across the sectors and with other community groups will occur when appropriate.

Routine referral issues could include depression, anxiety, ADHD, psychosis and eating disorders.

Our hours are from 8.30am to 5pm
Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


Haines Building, Waimea Road, Nelson
Postal: Private Bag 18, Nelson
Phone: (03) 546 1230
Fax: (03) 546 1951
After hours emergency phone: (03) 546 1800

The Marlborough Health Hub, 22 Queen Street, Blenheim
Postal: Private Bag 46
Phone: (03) 520 9905
Fax: (03) 520 9968
After hours (03) 520 999 (ask for on call CAMHS)

Nelson - Early Intervention Service (EIS)

Early Intervention Services or EIS provides services for people aged 15 to 30, who are being troubled by symptoms of psychosis and who have not previously accessed help.

Early Intervention Service
39 Bridge Street, Nelson
Phone: (03) 539 3709
Fax: (03) 539 0142
After hours emergency phone: (03) 546 1800

Nelson and Tasman: Gateway Housing Trust

Gateway provide supported residential accommodation for youth under 20 and Youth Community Support Workers who enable young people to live independently.

Access to these services is through Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Early Intervention Services.

17 Bishopdale Ave
PO Box 1399

Phone: (03) 545 7100
Fax: (03) 5459000

Golden Bay - Te Whare Mahana Inc

Provide community mental health support for children and young people.

Golden Bay Rural Mental Health Outreach Service
163 Commercial Street
Golden Bay
Phone: (03)525 7647
Fax (03) 525 7133