Sharing information to improve patient healthcare plans.

This project aims to make a person’s care plans available to both the person and all the health professionals caring for them.

Making a person’s care plan available to everyone involved in their care will reduce the need for them to repeat their health story to new health professionals. It will also help health professionals work together to deliver consistent and holistic care for their patient.

A care plan will be developed in collaboration with the patient and their health professionals.

This project will begin by maximising existing systems that allow the sharing of information and the creation of patient plans for those with acute and chronic health needs.


•  Patient information that can be viewed by all healthcare providers means the patient does not have to repeatedly explain their health story

•  Sharing patient information will encourage consistency and reduce duplication

•  Integrated care and a collaborative approach to patient goal-setting delivers better health outcomes

•  Patients’ involvement in setting and managing their health goals empowers them

•  A single source of shared information builds a person’s confidence that everyone is working to the same plan.

First stage:

1.  Activate the sharing capability of existing patient information systems

2.  Create and populate patient care plans, focusing initially on patients with acute health needs and those at the end of their lives.

This project aims to contribute to the Models of Care outcomes in the following ways:

By significant contribution to these principles:

Shared care significant contribution

By moderate contribution to these principles:

Shared care medium contribution

By a small contribution to these principles:

Shared care small contributionFor more information about the Models of Care principles

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