The Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation Unit (AT&R) is an adult inpatient rehabilitation unit, which also provides an outpatient and community rehabilitation service.

Inpatient service

We have a purpose built unit comprising of a mix of single and double rooms. Patients are accommodated into these to best meet their individual needs.

Outpatient service

Our outpatient service is generally for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and is provided in our gym and pool close to the unit.  

Community service

Our community service is provided by the therapist, doctor or nurse and is delivered in your home.  This may be following a referral from your GP (without a need for an inpatient admission) or after you are discharged from an inpatient admission.

Your rehabilitation

AT&R provides rehabilitation to adult patients who may need time and support to achieve their optimal independence after a stroke, fracture or major surgery.  We also provide rehabilitation for patients recovering from an exacerbation of chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

You are expected to do as much for yourself as possible but the nurses and therapists are also there to support you with daily activities.  You may be asked to attend hydrotherapy, or our  'breakfast club', as well as using the gym facilities.

How long will I stay at AT&R?

Your stay in AT&R will depend on how well you are, how quickly you begin to improve and what level of support you need on discharge.  The average length of stay in AT&R is two weeks.   Occasionally people need to stay longer, particularly when recovering from a significant stroke.

What to expect

Our service has a wellness focus and as such our patients are encouraged to get dressed into their normal day clothes each day.  Please bring in comfortable clothing and snug fitting non-slip shoes/slippers with your or arrange to have these delivered to the ward if not available on day of admission.  If you are unsure of what clothing is suitable for your current condition please speak to your nurse.   

The ward does not have a patient laundry service and families are asked to assist patients with this.  If you do not have anyone available to help you, please speak to your nurse.

Patients are encouraged to have their meals in the dining room.  If you do not want to eat in the dining room for social or cultural reasons please let your nurse know.  

Facilities and what to bring

An outdoor area is available for patients and their families to socialize in.  Pets are welcome to visit if you are in a single room or in the outdoor area.  To organize this, please speak to the nurse in charge.

Most single rooms have a TV provided in them, unfortunately double rooms are not able to have a TV in them as this can be disturbing to your room mate. 

You may bring in your own radio from home if you wish, but if you are in a double room please be considerate to your roommate and use head phones.

If it is important to you that your family and whanau are involved in your rehabilitation or you wish for them to stay with you overnight, please let your nurse or therapist know so we can accommodate this.


Visiting is preferred outside of rehabilitation therapy sessions (unless the visitor is involved in the session), meals times and rest periods.  We ask that you respect this as patients can be very tired and need rest to aid their recovery.  However, we do also appreciate this is not always possible for families so please speak to the nurse in charge to arrange visiting during these times if required.