Expanding the national Health Care Homes model to more general practices in the region.

Health Care Homes is where healthcare begins for most people, with their General Practice teams.

It is a model of care developed to help general practices remain responsive to their communities and meet people's changing health needs. 

The model aims to create a more sustainable way of working for health practitioners and improve the delivery of routine care and proactive care, especially for those with complex needs.

As of 2019, the Nelson Marlborough region has nine general practices who are members of the national Health Care Home Collaborative. This project will continue to focus on these existing practices and expand the membership to a further sixteen practices over the next two years.

Find out more about the national Health Care Homes Collaborative

Health Care Home practices in Nelson Marlborough: Civic Health, Greenwood Health, The Doctors Motueka, Omaka Medical, Stoke Medical Centre, Mapua Health, Golden Bay Community Health, Springlands Health. 

•  Increasing the health services available at GPs reduces the need for patients to attend appointments in different locations

•  Proactive and preventative healthcare reduces the chance of escalating health issues and likelihood of hospital admissions

•  Reorganising staff and resources and freeing up time for health professionals to work on preventative care will reduce escalating health issues

•  Efficient use of technology can improve access to healthcare services and save patients time 

•  Catering for the provision of unplanned and urgent care by a practice reduces ED admissions.

First stage:

1. Continue to help existing practices to implement the Health Care Home model. The initial focus will be on urgent care and business efficiency followed by proactive care and in particular supporting people with complex health conditions.

2. Support 16 more practices adopt the Health Care Home model (eight in 2019 and eight in 2020).


The existing Health Care Home practices are: Civic Health, Greenwood Health, The Doctors Motueka, Omaka Medical, Stoke Medical Centre, Tahuna Medical, Mapua Health, Golden Bay Community Health and Springlands Health. 

The next sets of practices that are scheduled to come on board in January 2020 are: Wakefield Health, St Luke's Health Centre and Harley Street Medical.

This project aims to contribute to Models of Care outcomes by making a significant contribution to the following principles:

HCH significant contribution TWO ROWS

The project will also make a moderate contribution to these principles: 

HCH medium contribution

Read more information about the Models of Care principles


By the end of 2021 80% of the practices in the Nelson Marlborough region will be Health Care Homes.

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