If you carry drinking water in a tanker for more than five days* a year, you need to:

  1. register with the Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service's drinking-water team

  2. have an approved water safety plan

  3. be certified by a drinking-water assessor

  4. seek a permit to take drinking water from the owner of the water source

  5. renew your registration and certification every year

*This is five calendar days, not 5x24 hours divided up.


Water safety plans

  • a plan shows how you will meet NZ drinking water standards

  • a drinking-water assistance programme facilitator can provide a template, examples, advice and comment on your draft plan

  • it has to be submitted to a drinking-water assessor (DWA) who has 20 working days to assess it

  • if your plan is rejected, make changes and re-submit it. There is no charge but the 20 working days assessment period starts again

  • once your plan is approved the DWA will check your premises before issuing you a certificate of compliance

  • whereas you need to renew your registration and certification each year, your water safety plan only needs to be approved again if you make significant changes or the time limit agreed by the DWA expires.


Seeking a permit from the owner of the water source

  • owners may have their own requirements, such as proof of registration, an approved water safety plan and a certificate of compliance

  • your own bore will also need to be approved for use by a DWA.



Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service Drinking Water Team


Nelson/Richmond: (03) 543 7931

or Blenheim: (03) 520 9914

Email: [email protected]