Developing a health workforce plan for the future.

This project aims to understand, and plan for the imminent workforce shortages within our region's health sector.

Ensuing we have enough skilled health professionals who are adaptable, flexible and patient-focused is crucial if we are going to meet our communities' future health needs. This project will look at how to support and grow our existing workforce, recruit new staff and use technology and new ways of working sustainably.

We will start by developing workforce development plans for each of the Models of Care projects.


•  Workforce shortages have a direct effect on patient care and staff morale

•  An aging workforce means that we cannot continue to deliver healthcare in the way we do, in a sustainable way

•  Interdisciplinary environments create a more flexible, responsive workforce

•  Empowering staff to upskill frees up others to do the same.

First stage:

1.  Develop a workforce plan for all Models of Care projects, identifying future workforce needs and developing new ways of working to make the most of staff and technological resources.

This project aims to contribute to the Models of Care outcomes by making a significant contribution to the following principles:

 Workforce development significant contribution TWO ROWS

It also aims to make a moderate contribution to these principles:

Workforce development medium contribution
Read more information about the Models of Care principles

The first stage of the project will inform the development of other health system workforce plans.

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