About hospital pharmacies

Hospital pharmacists are responsible for all medicines used in a hospital.


As experts in medicines, hospital pharmacists:

  • purchase and dispense prescribed medicines

  • provide widespread advice about the selection and administration of medicines

  • provide advice about medicine doses and the most appropriate form (such as a tablet, ointment or inhaler)

  • calculate doses of complex therapies such as antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents

  • participate in ward rounds – taking patient drug histories and helping determine treatment

  • reconcile medicines on admission, and sometimes, discharge from the hospital

  • work with medical staff to address any problems patients may have taken their medicines

  • ensure medicines are stored appropriately and securely

  • stay up to date with, and contribute to, research and development

  • write guidelines for drug use and implement safe and legal practices

  • supervise and teach.


Location and contact


Nelson Hospital pharmacy
Phone: (03) 546 1989


Wairau Hospital pharmacy
Phone: (03) 520 9918