Free dental care is available to teens from Year 9 to their 18th birthday from contracted dentists through the Adolescent Oral Health Service 

Who is eligible?

Children and teenagers from Year 9 until their 18th birthday have access to free dental care under the adolescent oral health programme in Nelson Marlborough.

What’s the deal?

No matter where you’re at… school, training course, work or unemployed… you can receive FREE dental care every year until your 18th birthday!

What free dental care will I get?

  • A yearly check-up

  • X-rays if necessary

  • Cleaning to remove plaque, staining and tartar

  • Fillings for teeth that have tooth decay (holes)

  • Extractions to remove teeth that have been badly affected by tooth decay.

Why go for a check-up?

Having a healthy mouth and an attractive smile can improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Regular check-ups help you maintain healthy teeth for life

Dentists can give you expert advice about:

  • keeping your teeth, mouth and gums healthy (called oral health)

  • preventing bad breath

  • dental decay and toothache

  • preventing gum disease (gingivitis)

Good oral health can also improve your overall health. (Gum disease has been linked with heart and lung disease and diabetes).

How do I access the service?

  1. Most dentists in the Nelson Marlborough district provide free care, find these listed at the bottom of this page 

  2. Phone or visit your chosen dentist to check if they offer dental care for teenagers.

  3. Make an appointment for a check-up

  4. Attend your FREE appointment! It’s so easy – And you can take a support person with you if you like

Tips for a healthy smile and fresh breath

  • Be smoke-free and vape free

  • Use a mouthguard when playing contact sports

  • Fluoride toothpaste (spit, don’t rinse)

  • Enrol for free dental care

  • Eat and drink wisely

For more information

Which dentist should I go to?

Choosing a dentist is a bit like choosing a hairdresser. You may follow the advice of a mate, health professional or family member.

See the contracted dental practices offering the service in your region below:

Seymour Dental Centre 62 Seymour Street Blenheim

(03) 578 4203

Beattie and Gilchrist Lister Court, 16 Francis Street, Blenheim

(03) 578 5135

Durrheim & Associates 4 Richardson Avenue, Omaka Landing, Burleigh, Blenheim

(03) 578 5843

Lumino The Dentists 67 Seymour Street, Blenheim

(03) 578 7726


Munro Dental 37 Bridge St, Nelson

(03) 548 0000

Advanced Dental Centre 70 Collingwood Street, Nelson

(03) 548 4675

Quin Dental 14 New Street, Nelson

(03) 928 0121

Access Dental 122 Kawai Street, Nelson (Near Nelson Hospital)

 (03) 548 3971

Gentle Dental 32 Bridge Street, Nelson

(03) 548 4601

Dental Care Nelson 193 Rutherford Street, Nelson

(03) 548 8840

Lumino The Dentists 72 Collingwood Street, Nelson

(03) 548 3693

Nelson Dental Centre 41A Halifax Street, Nelson

(03) 548 4445

Teen Mobile Dental, Mobile provider servicing Nelson College and Nelson College for Girls

027 239 7581 (Dental Therapist - Paula Kinzett)



StokeOne Dental Stoke 424 Main Road, Stoke

(03) 547 7725

Fresh Dental (previously Joyes Dental) 5 Bail Street, Stoke

(03) 547 6799

Teen Mobile Dental, Mobile provider servicing Nayland College

027 239 7581 (Dental Therapist - Paula Kinzett)


Tasman Dental Centre 355 Lower Queen Street Health, Richmond

(03) 544 6776

Dental Care Richmond 12 Salisbury Road, Richmond

(03) 543 9230

Steph Wills Dental Richmond 4 Salisbury Road, Richmond

(03) 544 5985

Richmond Dental Centre 205 Queen Street, Richmond

(03) 544 8178

Teen Dental, Mobile provider servicing Waimea College

027 239 7581 (Dental Therapist - Paula Kinzett)


Mapua One Dental Mapua 66-68 Aranui Road, Mapua

(03) 540 3440

Pienaar Dental 20 Greenwood Street, Motueka

(03) 528 0303

Steph Wills Dental Motueka 106 High Street, Motueka

(03) 528 0032

Teen Dental, Mobile provider servicing Motueka High School

027 239 7581 (Dental Therapist - Paula Kinzett)

Golden Bay Dental Centre 120 Commercial Street, Takaka

(03) 525 8340

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