EDThe emergency departments at Nelson and Wairau hospitals provide life-saving treatment and urgent medical attention to people who are seriously ill.

When you first arrive you will be assessed by a nurse who will give you a triage category between 1 and 5. You will be asked for some personal information and most people will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room.

People who arrived after you may be seen before you because they have more urgent needs. They may also have been sent directly to ED by their GP.

When you arrive please let us know if:

  • you have been in a hospital overseas in the last year. We may need to screen you for possible infection.
  • you are not a New Zealand resident or citizen. You may be charged for your treatment.
  • you are a non-English speaker and need an interpreter
  • you need He Pukenga Hauora advocacy support for Maori people
  • you need to discuss something in a more private setting.

Help us to help you. Please follow our guidelines:

  • Let us know if you feel that your condition has changed, or if your pain worsens, while you waiting.
  • We protect the privacy of our vulnerable patients. Do not take photographs, film or make audio recordings without the permission of ED staff and patients.
  • Violent and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. We have CCTV cameras and will call the police if we need to.
  • Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are not allowed in ED.
  • SaveED375Please do not eat or drink anything while you are waiting to be seen. If you need an operation you need an empty stomach.

Save ED for emergencies

Please do not come to the emergency department for non-urgent healthcare needs. You have other options for non-urgent medical care.

These options are listed on the 'Save ED for Emergencies' webpages.