We have developed a range of emergency response and business continuity plans to ensure that our healthcare facilities and services will respond and recover effectively should a disruption event occur.

Health Emergency Plan

The Health Emergency Plan provides a framework for how we should respond during any potential or significant incident requiring a health response. In addition, the plan identifies steps to prevent, prepare for and recover from the effects of both natural and man-made hazards.

In the event of a regional health emergency, we would lead the response with support from other agencies such as local Emergency Management groups, police, fire, ambulance and other agencies.

If a state of local emergency is declared within the Nelson Marlborough region, The Nelson Tasman or Marlborough Emergency Management Group will lead the response. We will coordinate the health aspect of the response in the role of a supporting agency.

Disaster planning

As part of the Health Emergency Plan, we prepare our hospitals and health centres for emergency scenarios such as mass casualty, major utility failure, or natural disasters.

Staff undertake regular Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) training and readiness is tested in scenario-based exercises.

The two main hospitals (Nelson and Wairau) undergo monthly emergency power supply system testing and both hospitals have large emergency water reservoirs on site.

Pandemic planning

A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide.

We have a responsibility under the New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Action Plan for a high level of preparedness for a pandemic event.

As part of this, we maintain plans to establish community-based assessment centres in the Nelson Marlborough region, should a pandemic or major health emergency be declared.

Preparing yourself for an emergency

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere.

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