Improving the flow of information and communication between health professionals.

This project aims to reduce avoidable hospital referrals for individuals by improving primary care health practitioners' (eg a GP) direct access to specialist advice.

By improving access to specialist advice (peer-to-peer consultation) and by finding ways to effectively share healthcare information (for the discussion) we can improve the patient’s experience, the quality of their appointment and reduce the need for unnecessary appointments and referrals.

The project will connect health practitioners and investigate technological solutions to share medical information and facilitate peer-to-peer conversations.

•  GPs' access to timely specialist advice can reduce the need for hospital appointments and referrals

•  GPs in remote locations can pass on the specialist advice to patients, reducing the need for them to travel for specialist appointments.

First stage:

1.  Work with health practitioners to establish new ways of working which will free up time for peer-to-peer consultations.

2.  Development a secure clinician’s directory with the contact and availability details

3.  Research technological options for a secure messaging system, that will support the sharing of medical information.


Access to specialist advice will be available to health practitioners across the Nelson Marlborough region.


This project aims to contribute to the Models of Care Programme by making a significant contribution to the in the following principles:

Timely advice significant contribution

It also aims to make a moderate contribution to these principles:

Timely advice medium contributionRead more information about the Models of Care principles 

Once a preferred secure messaging system has been identified and trialed, it will be introduced across the region. 

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