Parents and caregivers of children and young people with disabilities are selfless people.

We know you give everything to meet the needs of your child or family member.  But even the best parents and caregivers sometimes need a little break.

Residential respite provides an opportunity for primary caregivers to have a little ‘you’ time or quality time with other siblings or family members who sometimes have to wait.

Who is respite for?

Currently we will provide respite to children with disabilities funded through the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination service (NASC) aged from 0-21 years. 

However we know that 21-25 is a time of huge changes and transitions.  So in negotiation with you and the NASC we can continue to provide respite up to the age of 25.

We are planning to offer a number of respite options from planned to crisis as we build capacity.  We can even look at providing afternoon or day respite as we know how hard it can be to get child minders or baby sitters.

Our responsibility

  • To keep your child safe while in our respite care
  • To ensure a great transition
  • To communicate any concerns, incidences or issues in a timely manner so you are fully informed
  • To provide you with a respite agreement so that you know exactly what we need.

Your responsibility

  • To give us all the information we need to keep your loved one safe
  • To work with us on a transition plan and ongoing support plan
  • To let us know if things aren’t going the way you expected so we can work through it together
  • To sign the respite agreement so we know exactly what you need.

What will our child experience?

  • A 'home away from home' environment. We know we can never replace home but we aim to make our respite homes small, cosy and family friendly
  • Fun
  • Consistency and routine according to their needs
  • Opportunities to go on outings and develop new social skills
  • Chances to make new friends and have a 'sleepover' experience they may not have had before.

All referrals to respite will come through the NASC which, in our area is Support Works.

The Support Works office is open 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Phone: 0800 244 300

If you would like to have a look through our home and talk to us about respite possibilities, please contact:

Disability Support Respite Services
Office: 134 Kawai Street, Nelson
Phone: 03 546 1671
Email: [email protected]