What is a Hospice?

Hospice literally means 'a place of shelter'. Hospices are for people with terminal illnesses.

During their stay, patients will receive treatment (known as palliative care) to help relieve pain and other symptoms causing discomfort. They will also receive a great deal of love, care and skilled attention from trained medical, nursing and support staff. Hospice patients can be any age, from a tiny baby to the very old.

A hospice cannot claim to extend life, but it can certainly improve the quality of life for each patient, so that each day can be lived to the full.

The regions' hospices provide a range of holistic services and programmes to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of patients and their families and whanau.

Referrals and access to care
Referrals can come from GPs and other health providers or through self referral.

Nelson Tasman Region Hospice

Services include:

  • home care
  • 24-hour telephone service
  • inpatient care in the hospice unit
  • palliative care outpatient clinic
  • family support; palliative care liaison nurse
  • social worker and counsellor
  • spiritual support
  • bereavement care
  • children’s bereavement support
  • library and information services.
These services are provided from the hospice inpatient unit on Suffolk Road in Stoke. There are services based in rural areas also. The trust is partially funded by Nelson Marlborough Health and the remainder of the funding is raised within the community.

Nelson Tasman Region Hospice:
331 Suffolk Rd
Nelson 7011
Phone: (03) 546 3950

Hospice Marlborough

Hospice Marlborough was officially opened in November 2003. This service is partially funded by Nelson Marlborough Health and the remainder of the funding is raised within the community.

Hospice Marlborough
PO Box 411
Gate 2 Hospital Road
Phone: (03) 578 9492
Fax: (03) 578 9493

Hospice palliative care focuses on caring for the whole person, encompassing their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Hospice Marlborough provides care and support for family and friends throughout the patient’s illness and after their death in their bereavement.

People may be referred to Hospice Marlborough whilst they are undergoing treatments for their illness not just for end of life care. In fact this is what we prefer. The sooner we receive a referral the more we can get to know the patient and their family or friends and provide care that is tailored to their individual needs and wishes.

You or your family can self-refer to Hospice palliative care. Please phone 03 578 9492 to discuss your needs and the process involved.

The services we provide are free of charge to patients and their families irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, age or ability to pay.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in the community we link in with the patient's General Practitioner (family doctor) and other healthcare agencies and organisations such as District Nurses or home care providers.

When required, patients can be admitted for specialist palliative care for management of their symptoms, eg, pain nausea etc symptoms, specialist respite care and end of life care.