What is the B4 School Check programme?

The B4 School Check is a free health and development check for your four-year-old. It’s the last Well Child Tamariki Ora check and helps give your child the best start at school.

The nurse will:

  • check your child’s height and weight

  • check your child’s teeth

  • ask if your child has been immunised

  • ask about your child’s learning and development and strengths and difficulties

  • ask about your child’s health and wellbeing

  • provide you with advice about your child’s health and development.

A vision and hearing technician will check your child can see and hear well. This may happen at a different time than the rest of your child’s B4 School Check.

How does my child get a B4 School Check?

Your child is due for their B4 School Check when they turn four, allowing enough time for your child to get any help needed before they start school.

If your child is four but you haven't heard from your local B4 School Check provider it’s important you contact them to make a booking.

The B4 School Check Programme for the Nelson Marlborough region is run by the Public Health Service.

Click here to visit the B4 School Check website for more information