About the service

Registered social workers work from hospitals and community locations.

They help patients and their whanau, family or carers to adjust to changes resulting from a health condition or disability. They also connect people with community services and assistance.

Social workers respond to emotional, psychological, social and practical needs. They advocate for people to ensure their rights, responsibilities and entitlements are respected.



Social workers support:

  • grief and loss

  • the effects of hospitalisation

  • lifestyle changes

  • adjustment to a newly-diagnosed condition or disability

  • traumatic births

  • pregnancy options.

Social workers respond to:

  • trauma (accidents, amputations, acute presentation of illness)

  • stress and mild anxiety

  • family and carer issues, including vulnerable children and adults

  • frequent admissions due to a lack of social support

  • isolation as a result of health issues.


Locations and contact details

Inpatient support and outpatient clinics are available at Nelson and Wairau Hospital.

Locations and contact details
Nelson Hospital
Nelson Inpatients
Percy Brunette Block
Level 5
Phone: (03) 546 1801
Richmond Health Hub
Phone: (03) 543 7967
Wairau Hospital
Allied Health Department
Phone: (03) 520 9927