Alcohol-related harm

Nelson Marlborough Health and its Public Health Service aim to reduce alcohol-related harm in its regions.

We acknowledge that:

  • some population groups experience a disproportionate amount of this harm
  • alcohol use is a major risk factor in numerous health conditions, injuries and social problems
  • alcohol-related harm costs the health sector significant money, time and resources.

Alcohol health promotion

Nelson Marlborough Health's Public Health Service:

  • applies multilayered, evidence-based approaches to reduce alcohol-related harm. These include reducing young people's access to alcohol, modifying the drinking context and influencing attitudes towards alcohol
  • works with other agencies to increase local community resilience, promote alcohol-free environments and encourage communities to have a say on alcohol licenses in their areas
  • participates in alcohol-related policy and legislative processes

Alcohol licencing

Nelson Marlborough Health's Public Health Service works under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 framework to:

  1. investigate all applications for:
    • on licences (eg, pubs and restaurants)
    • off licences (eg, supermarkets and liquor retailers)
    • club licences (eg, sports clubs, RSAs)
    • special licences (short-term licences for events)

   2.  investigate the 'host responsibility' measures required to minimise alcohol-related harm

   3. collaborate with the New Zealand Police and council licensing inspectors to monitor licensed premises and to encourage the public to participate in alcohol licensing decisions.