‘Models of care’ are the ways we provide healthcare to the community.

The Models of Care Programme will improve the way healthcare is provided, to meet the future health needs of people in the Nelson Marlborough region. The programme will make healthcare more relevant, proactive, and accessible to our community. It will place people at the centre of care.

Models of Care initiatives will be driven by eight key principles: Healthy Communities, Skilled Workforce, Closer to Home, Connected System, Equitable Outcomes, Empowering People, Easy Access and Sustainability.

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1.  More people in our region are living longer, which often results in more complex health needs, placing greater demand on health services.

2.  Nelson Marlborough Health has an aging workforce who will start to retire in greater numbers.

3.  The changes in our regions demographics and in people’s lifestyles will see more people living with complex health issues.

4.  Advances in healthcare technologies are changing the way care is delivered and improving health outcomes.

5.  Doing nothing will lead to greater inequality in health outcomes.

These factors are relevant to all healthcare providers in our region – from family doctors to district nurses and hospital specialists. 

With the Nelson hospital redevelopment on the horizon it is important to look at models of care now, so our communities' future health needs and the way we deliver health care can shape the hospital we need.

The programmes long-term focus reflects Nelson Marlborough Health’s commitment delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

The programme will comprise of projects that deliver:

1.  Changes rolled out across the Nelson Marlborough health system

2.  Ongoing improvement and future proofing

3.  Trialing and testing improvement both small and large

How the Models of Care Programme works


The Models of Care programme will be delivered through individual projects.

Below are the current projects approved by the NMDHB.


Supporting families to give babies the best start to life

Supporting vulnerable children and their families to create crucial bonds from the start. 


Supporting General Practices to become patient-focused health care hubs

Expanding the national Health Care Homes model to more General Practices in the region.


A new Medical Admissions and Planning Unit for Nelson Hospital

A new unit for assessing and monitoring very unwell patients arriving at Nelson Hospital.


Using virtual health technologies to improve care

Using technology to make healthcare services more accessible.


Improving the coordination of healthcare within the community

Improving the coordination of healthcare in the community for people with complex health needs. 


Improving communication between health professionals

Improving the flow of information and communication between health professionals.


Sharing information securely for improved patient care

Sharing information to improve patient healthcare plans  


Growing a resilient healthcare workforce for the future

Developing a health workforce plan for the future.


Health assessments for vulnerable populations (Hauora Direct)

Taking proactive health assessments into our most vulnerable communities.


We welcome people’s contributions from all parts of the healthcare system and encourage all healthcare workers to look at how they can be involved and champion change throughout the Nelson Marlborough community.

Please contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can get involved. 

To find out more contact [email protected]