The Models of Care Programme is built around eight guiding principles that all projects must strive to achieve.

These are:

Fit for Future Healthy Comm

 Healthy communities: Supporting people to live healthy lives that will in turn reduce the preventable demand on health services  


Fit for Future Skilled Workforce

Skilled workforce:  Developing a future workforce ready to meet health needs of our community. 


Fit for Future Close to Home

   Closer to home: Providing health services closer to where people live, learn, work and play.  


Fit for Future Connected

  Connected system: Integrating health services to make the patients’ health journey seamless and make health information easily available.


Fit for Future EquitableEquitable outcomes: Increasing effort where it is needed to deliver consistent health outcomes for the entire community. 


Fit for Future Empowering

Empowering people: Helping to inform people and empower them to proactively manage their health.


Fit for Future Easy Access

Easy to access: Removing barriers to make our health services easier to navigate and more accessible – particularly for vulnerable members of our community.


Fit for Future Sustainable

Sustainable: Ensuring all services are clinically and financially sustainable, environmentally conscious and are designed to meet the future health needs of our community.