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Using video conferencing and remote monitoring to make healthcare services more accessible.

This project aims to improve access to healthcare through the use of virtual technologies.

It will start out by using existing video conferencing technology to connect people living in remote areas to specialist healthcare without the need to travel long distances.

The project will also investigate options for the remote monitoring for people with complex health conditions. This will further reduce the need for people to travel, expand the reach of healthcare workers, and increase patients’ independence.

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•  Attending virtual / telehealth appointments locally will reduce the amount of time lost and inconvenience caused by travelling to a hospital

•  Less travel time for specialist health workers increases their availability to patients

•  Familiar surroundings for appointments puts patients at ease, and family are more likely to be able to attend and support a patient.

First stage:

1.  Video consultation options are being tested in Golden Bay, Murchison and on the rural east coast of Marlborough (Seddon/Awatere).

2.  Options are being explored for remote monitoring devices for people living with complex health issues in remote areas.

3.  Investigation into an easily accessible video consultation solution, to support the Strengthening Coordinated Care project.


Video consultations are being tested at Golden Bay Health Centre, Murchison Health Centre and East Coast of Marlborough (location in Seddon/Awatere area to be determined).

Video consultations will be available in the future via the Strengthening Community Care teams in Motueka, Stoke and Marlborough.

 This project aims to contribute to the Models of Care programme by making a significant contribution to these principles:

Virtual Health significant contribution


The project will also make a moderate contribution to these principles:

Virtual Health medium contribution

Read more information about the Models of Care principles 

The project will start with small-scale initiatives to trial the technology. Once established, these initiatives will be extended and the project expanded.

The ongoing evolution of relevant technologies will affect on how we apply technology to the benefit of healthcare services in the region.


Project updates

Watch our video below to hear more about what our health professionals think about virtual health to date: