The Warmer Healthier Homes scheme enables low-income families and those with high health risks to have their home insulated at no cost.

People at risk from illness linked to cold, damp housing can be referred to the scheme by their doctor. Referrals are then processed by Nelson Marlborough Health's Public Health Service and the Nelson Tasman Housing Trust oversees the insulation work.


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Jodie's story

Jodie Colvin had no idea insulating her house would make such a difference to her family’s life. She says winter was always a very stressful time for her as she struggled to keep her four children (aged five, seven and ten-month old twins) warm in their home.

“Every winter my five year-old daughter would become unwell and would need medication for a respiratory illness,” says Jodie. “Our house was so cold, we used to feel a breeze around our feet and the condensation used to run down the windows in rivers.”

When the heating went off at night Jodie says the temperature used to drop dramatically and the house became icy cold again. Since her doctor referred her family to the Warmer Healthier Homes project and their 1950s house was fully insulated, Jodie says she can’t believe the difference it has made to their lives.

“The installers put insulation under the floor and re-laid it in the ceiling and fixed all the gaps up,” she says. “I would never have believed it would make this much difference – the condensation has reduced dramatically and my daughter has had no recurrence of her illness this winter. It's amazing.”

The Healthy Homes Nelson Tasman project is a partnership between Nelson Marlborough Health, Nelson Bays Primary Health, Canterbury Community Trust, Nelson Tasman Housing Trust, Absolute Energy, and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.