In April the pupils at Broadgreen Intermediate School watched the gradual transformation of an unused school field in to an awesome bike track.

The track, and the shed full of new bikes and helmets, were put into prompt use, to the delight of Aaryn Barlow, Public Health Promoter.

Parklands Bikes in School

Broadgreen is one of three schools in the Nelson Marlborough region to be benefit from the national Bikes in Schools initiative where NMH works with the Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust and local councils to put bikes, helmets and tracks into schools.

Aaryn says that the beauty of the initiative is that it provides children with regular and equal access to bikes, within their own school. This has huge advantages.

“Being active and physical, and getting bike skills at an early age, has tangible benefits for both kids health and for the wider community,” he says.

The pump tracks allows students of all levels to enjoy riding a bike.

“Biking is particularly good for students who need ways to use their energy, and this supports their positive learning.”

Parklands School in Motueka, Nelson Intermediate School and Broadgreen Intermediate School are all on board. To see video of their tracks in action, visit