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Vaccination centres relocate to provide more vaccination safely during Alert Level 4

The Nelson and Blenheim vaccination centres will relocate to larger venues so that larger numbers of appointments can be offered each day, while still allowing for physical distancing requirements during Alert Level 4.

Nelson: The Paru Paru Rd vaccination centre will relocate to the Trafalgar Centre, operational from Monday 23 August.

Blenheim: The Henry St vaccination centre will relocate to Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, operational from Monday 23 August.

Everyone currently booked into the Nelson and Blenheim vaccination Centres from Monday 23 August should attend their appointment time, but at the new locations. They will receive a text message or email confirming this also. 

Richmond: The Richmond vaccination centre will stay in the same place and has been rearranged to accommodate physical distancing requirements.

Other centres, pop-up clinics and outreach clinics: Other vaccination clinics, pharmacies and GP clinics in all other regions will continue to operate during Level 4, with physical distancing.

Prioritising vaccination for essential workers

Group 2 now includes essential workers – broadly defined as frontline workers who directly interact with customers or clients (for example in supermarkets, dairies, petrol stations).

How essential workers can book their vaccine:

  • Essential workers over the age of 40 can book their appointment online at
  • All other essential workers should call 0800 28 29 26 (8am to 8pm, 7 days)

Nelson Marlborough Health estimates that there are 2,200 essential workers in our region; a large portion have been offered their vaccine already.

Current vaccination eligibility & booking systems

Under the national roll-out, vaccination is available to everyone in our region aged 40+ or in groups 1, 2 and 3. It is also available to young people aged 12-15 if their parents are in these groups.

People in these groups can book now through the Book My Vaccine website or by free-phone call. When they do this, they’ll be able to choose their preferred location and appointment time.

Parents/guardians with existing bookings who want to add their 12-15-year old(s) to their booking can phone 0800 28 29 26 (8am-8pm, 7 days a week) to see if there is space to do this.  If not, they can cancel their booking and create a new one later that can fit them all in.

Interpreters are available on the phone line if you need them. It’s a good idea to have your NHI (National Health Index) number ready to make the booking process quicker. You’ll find your NHI number on a prescription, x-ray or test result, or a letter from the hospital.

If you’re not eligible to book yet, you can still register using the website or phone number so we can let you know when it’s your time to book. 

Public health requirements for people with bookings

Under Level 4 rules, people need to wear a face mask when they attend their appointment. If they have COIVD-19 symptoms they should also phone the booking centres for advice, and not just turn up for their appointment.

Under the local Nelson Marlborough roll-out, we have extended the offer to people aged 30-39.

We’ve invited people in this age group using the contact details held by people’s GP or healthcare provider, to send them a code they need to use on the Book My Vaccine website or 0800 number. They will need to use this code to get into the booking system.

From 25 August, anyone aged 30+ will be able to book without a code as part of the national roll-out.

From 1 September, anyone in NZ aged 12+ will be able to book their vaccine.

  • NB: Parents need to book appointments for their 12-15-year olds.
  • Once it’s your time to book, there’s no cut off — you can book any time.
  • If you were sent an invitation earlier but haven’t booked yet, you can reserve your spot at any time through the website or phone line.

Vaccine availability

We are aiming to provide 2,000 vaccines each day in the Nelson Tasman region, and 1000 a day in the Marlborough region. The majority of these will be through the main vaccination centres.

Our message to the community is that we have more than enough vaccine – people should confidently make their bookings as they become eligible. When you go online or phone the 0800 number you will see the booking slots available to you and can choose the one that works best for you.

The booking availability changes each day. There are appointments available at this point from Monday 23 August, and there are some spots available over the weekend through primary care providers (you can see these in the booking system).