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Regional IT system connects health services across the Top of the South

Nelson Marlborough Health (NMH) has launched a regional IT system that will seamlessly connect patient information across all its health services for the first time.

Nelson Marlborough Health is the first DHB to roll out the South Island Patient Information Care System (SI PICS) to all of its sites and services. It is the second DHB to introduce SI PICS to its hospitals; in 2016, Canterbury DHB introduced SI PICS to Burwood Hospital.

The move is part of a South Island Alliance initiative to replace nine different administration systems with a single regional patient administration system.

NMH General Manager Clinical Services, Lexie O’Shea, says that the new system will help create a more streamlined journey for patients across the Nelson Marlborough region.

“Shared access to a regional system will provide a more efficient, safer transfer of patient information and a more consistent approach to patient administration,” Mrs O’Shea says.

NMH SI PICS Project Manager Ross MacLennan says that this is the largest NMH IT project undertaken to date.

“It has been a very complex project from start to finish, with five South Island DHBs working in partnership with New Zealand-based software vendor Orion Health to design, test, and implement the software.”

“SI PICS replaces our 24 year-old OraCare patient administration system. The switch-over process was incredibly intricate, involving more than 60 people who worked through the night. 280,000 patient records and 700,000 event records were migrated. Fortunately it all went like clockwork and we are very pleased with the result.

“The contribution from staff at NMH, Orion Health, CDHB, and the South Island Alliance team to get to this point has been tremendous,” Mr MacLennan says.

More about SI PICS

SI PICS is a major initiative by the South Island Alliance – the commitment between the South Island’s five DHBs to work together to reduce inequities and drive change across the region. SI PICS is being developed from an existing Orion Health product, Enterprise PAS.

SI PICS Regional Programme Manager Nick Lanigan says the NMH implementation of SI PICS is an important milestone in the programme.

“SI PICS will enable a more streamlined patient journey through our health services and allow a seamless transfer of care anywhere in the region, including community to the hospital.”