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Nelson Hospital activates COVID-19 Ward

Nelson Hospital’s Omicron response is shifting to the next phase with the activation of a COVID-19 Ward.

Lexie O’Shea, Chief Executive Officer, Nelson Marlborough Health said with COVID-19 positive patients admitted to the hospital and a number presenting to the Emergency Department now was the time to prepare for increased demand.

“As of today Nelson Hospital has three COVID-19 positive patients admitted to respiratory isolation rooms.

“With the number of cases active in the community we have reached the point where we need to activate the next stage of our response plan and establish a specific COVID-19 ward.

“We knew it was a case of when, and not if. We have had a group working on planning and preparation for several months, and their hard work has put us in an excellent position to meet these challenges.

“Extensive infrastructure and building changes have been made to enhance respiratory isolation care, including upskilling of staff.

“We have established a further six respiratory isolation rooms in the Emergency Department allowing us to separate COVID-19 patients. The Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation (AT&R) ward will become the COVID-19 ward. Existing patients in AT&R will be transferred to the medical unit.

“Our goal remains to provide the highest possible level of care to people in Te Tauihu. These changes are for Nelson Tasman and are not currently required in Wairau.  

“We are working hard to minimize the impact on planned care (elective surgery) however there is likely to be some unavoidable rescheduling. Please continue to attend appointments unless otherwise notified.

“Our hospitals are prepared, and we are working across the healthcare sector to help the community be prepared and have access to testing and appropriate care where needed.

“The most important thing people can do to support the health system is get boosted. It is not too late to vaccinate. Getting boosted means you are better protected and less likely to require hospitalisation. Finally, If you have symptoms, get tested.”