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HealthOne is here

Hospitals, GPs and pharmacies in the Nelson Marlborough region have started using the new HealthOne shared patient records system.

How HealthOne works
Your health information is collected and shared between the healthcare providers looking after you.

HealthOne is a secure electronic record that allows those healthcare providers to quickly access information such as your test results, GP summaries and hospital information.

This helps them to make safer, faster and better informed decisions about your care. It means less need to repeat yourself, or remember all the details.

Your choice
If your GP or community pharmacy is part of the HealthOne programme, some of your health information will be available to authorised medical professionals involved in your care. If you don’t want your health information shared in this way, you can ‘opt off’ HealthOne at any time.

How to opt off
Either email or call to confirm you want to opt off entirely, or if there is specific information that you don’t want shared.

If you opt off HealthOne, health professionals caring for you may not immediately have information they need to provide the best and safest care possible. If you are thinking of opting off, please discuss your options with your healthcare provider or the person you speak to when you call the freephone number.

Phone: freephone 0508 837 872 (0508 TESTSAFE)
Email: [email protected]

For more information
Or phone 0508 837 872 (0508 TESTSAFE)