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Advance care planning: Let's talk with the 41 Club

On Tuesday 20 July, advance care planning (ACP) facilitator Carla Arkless had a kōrero with the members and partners of the 41 Club. Below is feedback from the clubs organiser Alan Nimmo.

It was a privilege to have Carla speak to us on ACP at our meeting this week. She gave us an excellent presentation.


COmmunity talks 41 Club 3How did Carla's visit to the club come about?

My partner is a registered nurse in old age care. Recently Carla gave a presentation at the hospice on ACP which my partner attended. She then suggested to me it would be a good subject for one of our meetings. We contacted Carla who was most helpful and delighted to give us a presentation.


Why do you think it was important for your members/friends to learn more about ACP?

The ACP is a great way to inform in writing our health wishes if we become badly incapacitated. Will help our immediate family and friends of the actions we wish to be taken if our health is badly affected. Will also give health specialists details of health wishes and what treatment we require.


What was the reaction from your members/friends?

There was a very positive response from our members as Carla presented her information on ACP. Plenty of feedback was given and questions asked.


Were there many who had completed the plan already? And/or who have completed one since?

A few of our members have completed ACP's privately. The ones I spoke to are now seriously looking at completing this ACP as they see a big benefit having it registered and being able to be accessed by health professionals. As the meeting was held on Tuesday this week I doubt any of our members will have completed an ACP yet.


What advice would you have for anyone considering having Carla come and talk at their gathering?

I would highly recommend that any group who is interested in ACP approach Carla to give a presentation at their meeting. Carla gave us an excellent and informative presentation on ACP. She was great in being able to involve the majority of our members to put input into the discussion.


Want to organise for an ACP facilitator to talk to your community group? Reach out to [email protected]