Living in Nelson

Population: Nelson and Tasman districts have a combined population of approximately 100,000. Nelson city with a population of around 48,000 is the 10th most populous city in New Zealand.

Geography: Nelson city is the geographical centre of New Zealand. It has three national parks within a 90 minute drive and is surrounded by beaches, mountains, hidden valleys, raging rivers and golden sands. It is known as a spectacular natural environment.

Economy: The industry base combines emerging industries: aviation and information technology with the traditional strengths of tourism, fishing, forestry, agriculture and horticulture.

Highlights: It’s also an artistic capital, thriving urban centre and one of the most modern, progressive and inviting cities. Nelson has one of the highest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand.

Living in Marlborough

Population: Marlborough has a population of approximately 45,000. Blenheim is the largest urban centre in Marlborough.

Geography: Blenheim and Picton are the largest of the five main centres of Marlborough. The latter sits as the gateway to the famous Marlborough Sounds showcasing a vast network of stunning scenic bays, fishing spots, accommodation and water sports.

Economy: Marlborough offers world famous wineries, aquaculture, tourism, agriculture and aviation.

Highlights: Blenheim is the hub of the famous Marlborough wine district, the largest wine growing area in the country. The region is rich in history, yet surges ahead today with a strong reputation for its aquaculture (primarily mussels), and wine.