All mental health enquiries can be made via single point of entry (SPOE)

Single Point of Entry (SPOE) is a collaborative service delivered by Nelson Bays Primary Health and Nelson Marlborough Health Mental Health and Addictions Service. The primary aim is to provide a single point of initial contact to ensure effective consideration, triaging and allocation of people referred to Adult Community Mental Health Services in the Nelson Tasman area.

Key features of Single Point of Entry

  • Timely and consistent response to calls
  • More tailored response to individual needs
  • Responsive booking systems
  • Support between referral and assessment.

Contact the Single Point of Entry Service if:

  • You have a general enquiry about mental health services or issues
  • You are worried about your mental health
  • You are worried about the mental health of another person

The Single Point of Entry Service will:

  • Provide initial advice
  • Receive referrals for Specialist Adult Mental Health Services and Nelson Bays Primary Health Mental Health Services in Nelson*
  • Prioritise referrals according to clinical need
  • Forward emergency needs to the Mobile Crisis Team (MCT)
  • Forward other referrals to appropriate services

*Referrals for CAMHS, Addictions or Older Persons Mental Health can go directly to the appropriate services or  will be passed on via SPOE for triaging. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access primary or specialist mental health services?

Contact the Single Point of Entry Service (SPOE) on 0800 776 364 for all general enquiries. They will be able to help you find out what mental health services are available and how to access them.

Can I refer myself to a specialist mental health service?

You are welcome to call SPOE on 0800 776 364 If it is a psychiatric emergency, you will be referred straight to the Mobile Community Team (MCT). SPOE staff will be able to advise you about access to other mental health services and how to access them.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Whenever possible a SPOE staff member will arrange your assessment appointment directly with you with a phone call. Every effort will be made to ensure this appointment is convenient for you, however if you are unable to make the time you can phone SPOE to arrange another appointment.

Who can my family talk to?

Your family members can contact SPOE for general information.

What are SPOE’s hours of operation?

The SPOE service operates from 8.00am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday. For urgent after hours support, phone (03) 546 1800 and ask for the on-call crisis worker.

What services are covered by SPOE?

SPOE manages all adult referrals for the Nelson Tasman area – this includes referrals to Specialist Mental Health Services and Primary Mental Health Services at Nelson Bays PHO. If referrals for other services are received, they will be forwarded to the appropriate service. Referrals to CAMHS, Addictions or Older Persons Mental Health should be made directly to those services.

Locations and contact details

Physical Address:
Mental Health Administration
Iona Villa
Braemar Campus

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 4:30pm

Phone: 0800 776 364 (0800 SPOEMH)
Phone: (03) 539 3587
Fax: (03) 546 1283