Hospital services for secondary care

Your lead maternity carer (LMC) may refer you for an appointment with a specialist such as an obstetrician.

This may be because you have a medical or obstetric history that requires this level of care. Your LMC and specialist may also discuss with you who the most appropriate person is for your clinical care, and with your agreement your care may be transferred to a specialist.

Nelson and Wairau hospital services

Nelson and Wairau hospitals have:

  • specialist obstetricians and paediatricians to provide specialist consultation to women and babies
  • Special Care Baby Units nearby the maternity units, for babies who require additional care after birth
  • specialist clinics for women with medical conditions such as diabetes
  • anaesthetic services for epidural pain relief during labour (available to all women in birthing units at the hospitals)
  • dedicated theatres for caesarean procedures (available to all women in birthing units at the hospitals)
  • Maori cultural support services
  • translation services (for non-English speakers)
  • counselling and mental health support services
  • physiotherapists
  • diabetes nurses.

Tertiary hospital services

Very few women and babies require specialist services provided by larger (tertiary) hospitals. In such cases, women and babies who require intensive care and monitoring during pregnancy and for premature birth are usually transferred to Wellington Hospital.

Nelson Marlborough Health works closely with tertiary maternity services, fetal medicine specialists and neonatal intensive care services at tertiary hospitals.