This page provides copies of key Nelson Marlborough Health planning documents. These include:

Nelson Marlborough Health annual plans

The Nelson Marlborough Health annual plan outlines the key activities planned for the Nelson Marlborough health system over the coming financial year (1 July to 30 June). It also explains our strategic context and how our intended activity an​d outputs relate to our vision and the achievement of our long-term goals for improving the health of our community.

Before 2019, the annual plan incorporated a statement of intent (performance targets and measures) and a statement for performance expectations. From 2019, these statements are published as separate documents. 

Māori health plans

The Nelson Marlborough Māori health plan describe how to strengthens the partnership between Nelson Bays Primary Health, Marlborough Primary Health and Māori health provider Te Piki Oranga. These organisations have a collective intent to improve health disparities for Māori living in the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough regions.

Public Health Service annual plans

The Nelson Marlborough Health Public Health Service (PHS) annual plan describes the services that the Ministry of Health (MoH) will fund the PHS to deliver.  

Health needs assessments and health service plans

Health needs assessment plans offer a high-level snapshot of people in the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough region. These plans are informed by data from the New Zealand Census, Ministry of Health, regional primary health organisations and Nelson Marlborough Health.

Health needs assessment plans inform a health services plan, which describes how we will provide an effective and efficient health service to meet local, regional, and national needs and reduce health disparities.