We offer a very diverse range of careers at Nelson Marlborough Health.

As well as registered and non-registered healthcare professionals, we employ IT technicians, medical secretaries, administrative staff, business analysts, HR advisers, payroll administrators and more.

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Professional development and staff benefits

Nelson Marlborough Health is committed to the development of its employees, and to being a great place to work.

We provide career advancement and training opportunities and support for continuing education, and cultural support for our Maori health workers.

Our staff benefit from:


Planning a healthcare career

The careers.govt.nz website is your go-to for information about all job types. You can find out:

  • the length of training required
  • the current level of demand for the role in NZ
  • the pay range
  • entry requirements
  • related jobs and current vacancies

Go to the careers.govt.nz website


Video gallery: Nelson Marlborough healthcare professionals talk about their careers


 Physiotherapy careershttps://youtu.be/lE5AuiM_nbs


Registered nursing careers



Sonography careers



Specialist general physician careers



 Medical secretary careers



Emergency specialist careers