Becoming a volunteer at Nelson Marlborough Health is a good way to meet new people, make great friendships and lend a helping hand in your community.

Our volunteers do not replace professional services, but are there to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of our patients and visitors.

Volunteer opportunities

Nelson: Meals on Wheels drivers

Looking for friendly people, with their own car to join our Meals on Wheels service.  We need regular and relief/on-call drivers for our Nelson, Stoke and Richmond delivery zones.

Our Meals on Wheels service delivers low-cost, home-delivered hot meals to members of the community.  The service is primarily intended to support those who have left the hospital, but it extends to any person in the community who could benefit from receiving the service. 

Meals on Wheels is more than just a carrier of hot meals, it provides much needed regular social contract for Meals on Wheels recipients.

Library Assistant 400Nelson Hospital: Library assistant *allocation full, wait list open*

Combine your love of books and visiting people as part of our library team.  We are looking for friendly faces to help take a trolley of books and magazines to various wards for patients to borrow.

Nelson Hospital: Welcomer/wayfinder

A friendly face, a welcoming smile and a desire to help people are essential qualities for this role. Wayfinders or welcoming volunteers assist our patients and visitors to find their way around Nelson Hospital. 

Nelson Hospital and Wairau Hospital: Patient/ward support

Providing support and comfort to our patients and visitors is at the heart of this role.

Vacancies are advertised on the Volunteer Nelson and Volunteer Marlborough websites.

Nelson Hospital: Buggy driver

We need drivers for our Shuttle Buggy at Nelson Hospital.  If you are fit and healthy, and enjoy assisting people, become part of the buggy team. 

Nelson community: Nikau House

If you can make people feel at ease, and have a warm, friendly face then you will fit right in at Nikau House.

As a Nikau House volunteer you will need to have a positive outlook and demonstrate respect and sensitivity at all times.

Nelson Hospital: Equipment store *Not hiring at present

If you are good at keeping track of things and have an eye for detail we need you in the Allied Health Equipment Store. This is where crutches, wheelchairs, shower stools and other equipment issued to patients during their rehabilitation is returned.

Express your interest in becoming a volunteer at NMH

If you would like to become a volunteer, please complete this expression of interest form.

If you have a question regarding our volunteer programme please email: [email protected]

Other volunteer opportunities

Nelson Hospital shop (9am-4pm)

The Nelson Hospital shop is run by volunteers and profits are returned to the hospital by way of donations of equipment.

FED 2014If you’re interested in volunteering at the Nelson Hospital shop please call (03) 546 1568, or email [email protected] for more information, or visit the Nelson Hospital shop to collect the new volunteers form.


St John Friends of the Emergency Department

Our Friends of the Emergency Department (FED) volunteers and Hospital Friends provide comfort and support to patients and their families in hospital emergency departments, as well as other wards and units.

If you’re interested in volunteer work with Friends of the Emergency Department or Hospital Friends, call St John toll free on 0800 780 780 or complete the online request form.

Meet our volunteers

We ask a selection of our volunteers about what they do and what they love about being a volunteer.


Pam Pask

Pam Pask2

Library Assistant Co-ordinator / Library Assistant
Nelson Hospital

Pick three words that best describe yourself

Practical, Caring, Friendly


What do you do in your volunteer role?

I wheel a small trolley of magazines and books (some large print) around specified wards. We choose reading material to suit a wide range of readers.

I offer reading material to patients and be willing to have a short chat if indicated. I need to exercise sensitivity and discretion as to which patients wish to select reading material and those who do not.

On completion of my round, I return the library trolley to book store and restock with books and magazines in readiness for the next volunteer to take out.

Each Library Volunteer undertakes 2 rounds per month, usually on Monday or Friday afternoons.

I co-ordinate the Volunteer Library Roster and take those interested in becoming volunteers on a familiarisation ward round to make sure the job is understood & the volunteer suited & comfortable with the role.


What do you enjoy most about it?

Knowing I am doing something helpful for the patients and my community.   

Crossing paths with new people and sometimes with people I already know.   

This is a relaxed and pleasant way to spend an afternoon.


Why would you recommend volunteering?

Volunteering is knowing you are doing something useful and allows you to challenge yourself in doing something worthwhile for others. 

The folk you meet are pleased to see you and appreciative of the service offered.



Adrienne Netto

Welcomer / Wayfinder

Nelson Hospital


Pick three words that best describe yourself

Sociable , articulate and enthusiastic


What do you do in your volunteer role?

I greet people and ask if they need any assistance. I give directions and escort them to clinics and appointments.

I explain the easiest ways to locate where they need to be. I can provide wheel chairs to take people to clinics if they are frail or find walking difficult.

I answer all sorts of questions if possible, or refer them to someone who can provide the relevant information. I can explain what to expect with some of the simpler procedures.

By being proactive and approaching people before they speak to the receptionists and telephonists it reduces pressure on these staff. I talk to people who are waiting for carers or people to pick them up and offer reassurance and a cheerful exchange of conversation. A smile can make such a difference.


What do you enjoy most about it?

The contact with people is the thing I enjoy most.


Why would you recommend volunteering?

I would most definitely recommend this role to others especially if you enjoy people and have an empathy with them.

Feeling useful, and giving back to the community as volunteer, you gain personally in so many ways.