The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (the board) was established in 2001 and serves nearly 160,000 people.

The board oversees the strategic direction of Nelson Marlborough Health (NMH).

Seven board members are publicly elected every three years during local government elections, and four members are appointed by the Minister of Health.

The current board took effect on 9 December 2019 and will be in place until 5 December 2022. Read the current board member profiles here.

Board responsibilities

The board is responsible for:

  • providing and funding health services in the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough regions
  • setting the overall strategic direction for NMH
  • monitoring organisational performance
  • communicating with, and reporting to, the Minister of Health
  • ensuring the government’s expectations are recognised
  • appointing the NMH chief executive
  • acting in NMH's best interests
  • maintaining relationships with the advisory committees
  • partnering with the Iwi Health Board.

Contact details

Contact with the Board can be arranged through the Board office.

Board meeting dates 2022

  • 25 January - Nelson
  • 22 February - Nelson
  • 22 March - Wairau
  • 26 April - Nelson
  • 24 May - Nelson
  • 28 June - Wairau

Note: Meetings from 1 July 2022 on hold pending Health NZ reforms.