Workplace 3Workplace 1The Nelson Marlborough Health Public Health Service offers a range of free workplace well-being programmes and support for workplaces throughout the region.

We encourage managers to take a well-rounded approach to well-being. Would you like to enhance your team's well-being, safety and productivity? Here are some of the priorities we can support you with:

  • mental health

  • healthy eating

  • physical activity

  • smokefree

  • alcohol and other drugs

  • breastfeeding

  • infection prevention and immunisation

  • sun safety


Looking after yourselves and others in uncertain times - A guide for Nelson Marlborough workplaces

We've developed a guide for Nelson Marlborough workplaces which includes information about how you can make a supportive working environment by having conversations about well-being in your workplace every day.

It also includes information about mental health and wellbeing services, including where to get help in Nelson and Marlborough, helplines and useful websites.

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How to get started with our programmes

There is a range of programmes available, with support available from public health advisors. If you are interested in these programmes or want to know more, contact the team at [email protected]

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WorkWell – Working Better Through Wellbeing

WorkWell is a workplace programme endorsed by the Ministry of Health. It offers step-by-step support and mentoring from an assigned WorkWell advisor, user-friendly resources and recognition through national accreditation.

WorkWell supports employers and managers to implement a sustainable process that will help create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. A Public Health Service WorkWell advisor will guide you throughout the programme and connect you with other agencies that can support your team wellbeing plans.

Click here to visit the Work Well website 


Health Promotion Agency resources

The Health Promotion Agency provides comprehensive supplementary support, advice and tools to enhance the health and wellbeing of workplaces. Nelson Marlborough Health health promoters can provide additional support.

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The Mental Health Foundation – Working Well Workshops

Two workshops developed by the Mental Health Foundation and delivered by the Nelson Marlborough Health Public Health Service provide participants with the tools to help create a workplace culture that enhances and protects people’s mental health. The workshops can accommodate 20 people and are:

  1. Working Well: Enhancing mental wellbeing, five ways to wellbeing at work

  2. Working Well: Creating positive environments for mental wellbeing – the what, why and how

Click here to visit the Mental Health Foundation website


The Stop Smoking Service – group and workplace programmes

The Stop Smoking Service offers the opportunity for your team to receive free support from a ‘quit coach’ onsite at your workplace.

This programme provides weekly one-hour group sessions for all staff wanting to quit smoking as well as free products to aid them in becoming smokefree.

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Good4Work is a free online well-being tool that can be additionally supported by Nelson Marlborough Health health promoters. It is designed for small to medium-sized workplaces and any business getting started with workplace well-being.

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