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International ships arriving at ports in Nelson or Marlborough must have a current pratique licence and Ship Sanitation Certificate.

Granting of Pratique

  • these confirm that a ship is free from contagious disease
  • they are obtained by following the Port Health Authority Pratique Procedure
  • without pratique, a ship is liable to quarantine controls set out in the Health Act 1956.

Ship Sanitation Certificates

  • these must be renewed every six months
  • the certification process is managed by a region's public health service
  • the process includes an audit of the ship's cleaning and waste management procedures and medical facilities, and a physical inspection of the ship.


Port Health Authority – Public Health Service

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Nelson (03) 546 1537

Marlborough (03) 520 9914

After hours:
(03) 546 1800 (Nelson)
(03) 520 9999 (Marlborough)