Traditionally Maori were an Auahi Kore/smokefree culture.

The Auahi Kore programme works to change attitudes towards smoking, encourage Maori to either stop smoking or not to start and to reclaim this smokefree status.

In March 2011 the New Zealand government committed to a goal of New Zealand becoming Auahi Kore by 2025.

How can we help make Smokefree/Auahi Kore Aotearoa 2025 a reality?

Through simple steps, with whānau, kura, community or organisations, we can make this happen! Here are some ideas:

  • hold Auahi Kore events
  • ensure your cars and homes are smokefree
  • ask whānau to not smoke around tamariki
  • talk to tamariki about being smokefree – even if you are a smoker, it is still important to encourage and support people to quit.

The Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service has support services to help you quit, working with whanau kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face), as well as supporting businesses and organisations to become smokefree with resources and group support.

Smokefree Contacts:

Phone: 0800 NO SMOKE

Email: [email protected]