Every year too many New Zealand babies die suddenly during sleep.  Many of these deaths can be prevented.

These deaths are attributed to Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI).  Babies are at risk of SUDI until they are about 12 months old and SUDI can be prevented by following safe sleep practices for your baby.

Ensure that your baby is sleeping in a safe way by making sure that they:

  • always sleep on their back to keep their airways open and clear
  • are in their own bassinet, cot, wahakura or other baby bed that will prevent people from accidentally laying on top of them
  • are put back in their own bed after feeding – don’t fall asleep with them
  • have clothing and bedding that keeps them at a comfortable temperature – one more layer of clothing than you would wear is enough
  • are in a smoke free environment to allow baby to breathe air free of smoke
  • have a parent who is alert to their baby’s needs and free from alcohol and drugs
  • have their baby’s bed in the parents’ room at night for the first six months of life.

Visit the Ministry of Health 'Safe Sleep' website for more information.