“It’s easy to protect your family’s smile”

  • Developing healthy habits early –teeth can last a lifetime
  • Baby teeth are important for eating, speaking and building self esteem
  • Baby teeth are also important for jaw development & holding space for adult [permanent] teeth
  • Start brushing teeth as soon as they appear [around 4-6 months]

Brush ‘twice a day for two minutes’ – 2x2 - with fluoride toothpaste – after breakfast & at bedtime

  • Use adult/family strength [1000ppm] toothpaste for the whole family
  • For babies - use a soft cloth with a tiny smear of toothpaste
  • For pre-schoolers use a small soft brush with a smear of toothpaste
  • For children over 5 years old use a small soft toothbrush with a pea-sized drop of toothpaste
  • Spit – don’t rinse after brushing as fluoride left on the teeth strengthens the tooth enamel
  • Ensure brushing is the last thing in their mouth at night so the toothpaste can keep on protecting teeth while they sleep

Choose healthy sugar free snacks & drinks

  • Water and milk are best for the family
  • Tap water is free
  • Nelson/Marlborough water is not fluoridated
  • Avoid sugar sweetened drinks such as fruit juice, fizzy drinks, sports & energy drinks and flavoured milk
  • Choose and prepare snacks and meals that have no added sugar

 Have regular dental checkups

  • Dental care is free for children from birth until their 18th birthday
  • The Community Oral Health Service [COHS] is the community based dental provider for the Nelson/ Marlborough region
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s teeth either call 0800 TALK TEETH [ 825 583] to find the closest COHS clinic or contact your clinic directly.