Marlborough Clued-up Kids programme

‘Clued-up Kids’ is a successful interactive child safety programme organised and delivered by local community safety agencies in Marlborough.

The programme puts small groups of children through exercises where they learn how to react to unexpected situations safely by developing personal skills, knowledge and confidence.

Given 'real life' situations to respond to in the exercises, children learn to identify hazards, assess the extent of the danger, decide what to do and discover what could have been done to prevent the situation in the first place.

Changes in learning behaviours are consistently measured as the students are required to complete a pre- and post-survey to provide comparative baseline data. Collaborative opportunities are evident with post-event evaluation questionnaires from teachers and organisations included in the analysis of the annual report.

The programme:

  • is offered every two years to every eligible year 5 & 6 primary school student in Marlborough
  • values children’s opinions
  • provides an environment where participants can see community safety organisations working together
  • has been evaluated for 10 years with consistent and positive results
  • has received recognition through national, regional and local safety awards
  • allows community groups to network and establish strong relationships.

Along with other collaborative child safety programmes in Marlborough, the Clued-up Kids programme has contributed to an overall reduction in the number of new ACC injury claims in the 10-21 year age group between 2006-2014.

International Safe Communities (Marlborough)

A safe community is one where people can live, work and visit without fear, risk of harm or injury.

Perceptions of safety – real or perceived – affect how people feel and interact in their community. Community safety is not only about reducing and preventing injury and crime, it is about building strong, cohesive, vibrant, participatory communities.

Marlborough’s journey towards becoming an accredited International Safe Community began in late 2011 with the ‘Safe and Sound @ the Top’ project.

In March 2014, Marlborough became the 332nd community worldwide and the 25th community in New Zealand to gain accreditation. 

The ‘Safe and Sound @ the Top’ programme brought groups and networks together to find solutions to community safety issues. Strong inter-organisational relationships provided a robust forum for the development of ongoing safety programmes.

These programmes are underpinned by evidence-based information, verified data, and thorough monitoring and evaluation.

As a result of its accreditation, Marlborough is more appealing to domestic and international tourists, local and international job seekers and potential investors.

The direct benefits to the community include:

  • improvements in social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of residents
  • reduction in injury burden and cost of healthcare
  • potential improvements in people's quality of life through reduced injuries and deaths and improved productivity
  • community buy-in and ownership of their own injury, crime and social issues.