Website privacy information

This website provides information.  It does not collect or store personal information.

Any information that you provide by filling in an online form is sent directly to someone for processing – it is not stored on this site or accessible from this site.

Information we collect about your web-viewing

The information we collect about how you browse our website, read pages and download information informs our website development.

If we know how you use the website, and the information you most frequently use or search for, then we can tailor the site to your needs.

The kind of information we access and analyse includes:

  • the internet domain and IP address from which you access our website. Doman names and IP addresses are automatically assigned to the computer or device you use
  • the pages you visit, the date you access them and how long you spend on them
  • where you accessed our site from (the website that linked you to this one)

Use of cookies

How we collect and protect your personal information

Information about how we collect and protect the personal information we require to deliver our health, disability and community services can be found here.

Information about how to request copies of your personal information can be found here.