Your discharge will be discussed with you throughout your hospital stay.

When you have your discharge date, please organise your transport home. There are shuttles available if you cannot arrange someone to pick you up or you cannot drive home yourself. Here is some information about shuttles.

When you have your discharge date you might also consider asking someone to stay with you at home for a few nights.

What to expect about discharge

  • the ideal time for discharge is 11am. However, patients with more complex conditions may take longer to prepare for discharge.
  • you will be given an advice sheet and information about any follow-up care or home-based support
  • you may also be given a medical certificate or a prescription
  • you can ask to talk to your nurse or doctor if you have any questions about what happened in hospital or what to expect after going home.

Leaving checklist:

  • pack all belongings, including any items that have been kept in a locked cupboard for you
  • check the power point around your bed for any chargers
  • collect all medicines, walking aids or other health aids