If you are coming to one of our hospitals for arranged (elective) surgery or an outpatients appointment or procedure, please report to the information desk at the main entrance or the department specified on the letter you received from the hospital.

If you need any assistance, for instance directions or a wheelchair, please ask at the information desk at the main entrance.

Most patients report to the day stay unit (DSU) on the day of their surgery.

Nelson Hospital. Enter from the main entrance. Take the stairs on the left or the lifts on the right-hand to Level 3. Turn right out of the lifts. The day stay unit is on your right.

Wairau Hospital: Enter the hospital main entrance.  Turn left down the main corridor. The day stay unit is straight ahead.


If you are following an ambulance in a car go to:
Nelson Emergency Department, 98 Waimea Road, Nelson
Wairau Emergency Department, Hospital Road, Blenheim

If visiting a patient go to the hospital main entrance:
Nelson Hospital, Tipahi Street, Nelson, phone (03) 546 1800
Wairau Hospital, Hospital Road, Blenheim, phone (03) 520 9999


Types of admissions

Day surgery

You will have your operation or procedure and be able to go home on the same day. If you need extra time in hospital time you may be admitted to a ward.

Day of surgery admission

Your operation is on the day you come in to hospital but you may stay for a day or more after the operation.

General admission

You will come to hospital a day or so before having your operation and stay as long as necessary for your recovery

Arranged admissions

Your GP or a specialist will have arranged for you to have surgery or a procedure at the hospital.  You may have been sent an appointment time to attend a pre-admission clinic at surgical outpatients where you will be asked questions for your admission and anaesthetic if you are having surgery.

Please complete any forms you have received before your appointment.

Pre-admission clinic

The pre-admission team will go through a checklist with you.

If you start to feel unwell in the 48 hours before your surgery, please call the hospital for advice:

Nelson Hospital (03) 546 1687

Wairau Hospital (03) 520 9686

Call the number on your booking letter for advice if you feel there is a reason for not keeping your surgery date.



Emergency contact

When you are admitted you will be asked to provide an emergency contact. This is the person who can phone the ward for updates on your progress.