This page outlines information and resources on patient rights and services.

Our Duty of Care

The 'Our Duty of Care: Leading the way to healthy families' booklet outlines what you can expect from Nelson Marlborough Health.

View our 'Our Duty of Care' brochure.

Health  Passport

A Health Passport is a booklet designed to assist nursing and medical staff to understand the care and support needs of people with disabilities. The Health Passport is carried with a patient to hospital or other healthcare provider and it contains information about how the patient wants people to communicate with them.

View the Health Passport.

Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning gives everyone a chance to say what treatment they would and would not want, particularly for future and end of life care.

A plan makes it much easier for families and healthcare providers to know what a person wants if they can no longer speak for themselves.

View for more information on Advance Care Planning and an Advance Care Plan.

Health and Disability Service Advocacy

If you are having a problem with a health and disability service, then call 0800 555 050. Health and Disability Advocates will listen to your complaint, give you information about your rights and options for resolution - then support your option.

Find an advocate.

Your Privacy Rights

The Health Information Privacy code covers health information collected, used, held and disclosed by health agencies. It sets specific rules for agencies in the health sector.

View the Health Information Privacy code.