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H2H seminars for stroke survivors

Supporting the transition from hospital to home for those affected by stroke


Returning to life at home after a stroke can be a challenging and daunting experience for everyone involved.

The Stroke Foundation of NZ and Nelson Marlborough Health (NMH) hospital and community stroke services have collaborated to pilot series of seminars to help stroke survivors and their families make the transition.

H2H (hospital to home) seminars provide practical information and advice on how to cope with the challenges of life after stroke.

The sessions are for anyone in the Nelson-Tasman area who has experienced a stroke, including transient ischemic attacks or TIAs, and are designed to support the transition from hospital to home for survivors, their families and carers.

The H2H seminars aim to provide opportunities for stroke survivors and their family members to make positive social connections with their peers who are sharing the same recovery journey.

Session topics include causes and prevention, medication, mobility in the community, the impact of stroke on emotions, relationships and family, and personal experiences from stroke survivors.

Information is shared by medical and allied health staff from NMH in conjunction with expertise from the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand. Stroke Foundation volunteer Elaine Tyrrell, a registered nurse with experience in rehabilitation, is supported by the Community Stroke Advisor, Anne-Marie Fowke-Stayner.

H2H programme dates for 2021

1. Stroke: causes and prevention, medication. 15 March, 12 July, 4 October
2. Mobility in home and community, goal setting. 29 March, 26 July, 18 October
3. Fatigue and other impacts of stroke. 3 May , 9 August, 1 November
4. Communication issues, effect on carers. 31 May, 23 August, 15 November
5. Looking to the future. 28 June, 6 September, 29 November

Each session will include a specific topic, general Q and A session and break for informal conversation.
Participants can attend any number of sessions in any order.
 View the brochure here.

For more information and to register selected sessions please contact:
Anne-Marie Fowke-Stayner
Community Stroke Advisor, Stroke Foundation of New Zealand
DDI: +64 3 545 8183 Mobile: 027 455 8302
Email: [email protected]

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