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Pēpi comes first for Naomi, smoke-free and loving it

A young woman’s strength to quit smoking for the sake of her unborn baby has been celebrated with a special gift and acknowledgment.

Naomi Te Kiri is counting days the days until her daughter is born, focussing on her mahi (work) and staying fit and positive. This has been made easier thanks to Naomi’s outstanding effort to quit smoking, with the guidance of her quit coach Sonia Hepi-Treanor.

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Children decorate our Christmas tree

Many thanks to the children from Health Kids Kindergarten for helping to decorate the Christmas tree at Nelson Hospital.

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Kindness in a quilt

Nelson Hospital’s mortuary trolley will be a softer sight as it’s wheeled through wards now that it’s draped with a quilt.

Handmade in a ‘flutterby’ pattern, the quilt was made by ‘The Undercover Girls’ and donated to Nelson Tasman Hospice palliative care specialist Dr Jodie Battley who, in turn, donated it to Nelson Hospital for this purpose. The quilt has been blessed by Thomas Ngaruhe, Kaiwhakahaere Kaupapa, and will soon be in use.

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Retailer sold cigarettes to minor in Golden Bay

A tobacco retailer in the Golden Bay area has sold cigarettes to a 17-year-old volunteer in a tobacco controlled purchase operation which was undertaken by the Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service (PHS) last week.

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Nelson Marlborough District Health Board meeting Tuesday 26 November 2019

Members of the public are welcome to attend the following meeting to be held on Tuesday 26 November 2019

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Legionnaires’ disease on the rise

Gardeners are being warned to protect themselves against Legionnaire’s disease after three cases in just eight days were confirmed in the Tasman region, and after an associated death in Dunedin last month.

Four cases in total have been confirmed in 2019. There have been 53 cases in the region since 2010.

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Emergency Mobile Alert testing: Sunday 24 November

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management is doing a nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system on Sunday 24 November 2019, between 6 - 7 pm. 

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Shellfish biotoxin alert: Port Underwood

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has issued a shellfish biotoxin alert for Port Underwood on the east coast of the Marlborough Sounds.

People are advised not to collect or eat shellfish from this area. This includes mussels, oysters, tuatua, pipi, toheroa, cockles, scallops, catseyes, kina and all other bivalve shellfish.

Cooking shellfish does not remove the toxin, which can cause diarrhetic shellfish poisoning.

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Measles outbreak reaches Marlborough

The Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service has confirmed a case of measles that is connected to the current Auckland outbreak.

Until this point, the Nelson Marlborough region was one of only four DHB region to hold on to its measles-free status during the current outbreak. The last case of measles in Marlborough was in November 2018 and the last case in Nelson in April 2018.


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Are you Choosing Wisely?

More isn’t always better when it comes to healthcare.

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