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Making it easier to get your feedback

We welcome your feedback to help us understand patient experiences and improve the way we work.  Now we’ve made it easier to access the patient feedback form and to get it back to us.

Alterations to the forms make it clearer which area the feedback is directed at and the date it was made.

The forms can still be accessed online via the front page of our website or collected from the main hospital entrance or around our facilities.

However, building on the familiarity of QR codes, people can now scan the code on the feedback poster to access the online form.

The drop boxes (where forms were previously placed) are being retired but completed forms can be posted using Freepost. 

The reason for the changes are so we can gather more accurate information, improve the timeliness of our responses to feedback and reduce our carbon footprint by embracing new technology.

We will always allow feedback in any form.