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World Osteoporosis Day October 20, 2022: Make your first fracture your last fracture.

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Over 50? Broken a bone?

Osteoporosis New Zealand urge Kiwis to prevent life-threatening future fractures by getting to know their bones a little better. Every single day, 10 or more Mums, Dads, Nanas, Grandpas, brothers and sisters – break their hip.


Many of us have lost loved ones following a hip fracture, and almost everyone knows someone who’s been through this painful, debilitating experience. Hip fractures continue to be far too common, particularly as they can be both life-threatening and often avoidable.


A decade ago, the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) launched the Capture the Fracture® Program, noting the well-recognised phenomenon that fracture begets fracture: almost 50% of people who break their hip have previously broken another bone. Those patients that have had a fragility fracture today are twice as likely to have another fracture in the future. Science has provided us with a broad spectrum of effective pharmacological agents to reduce the risk of future fractures. These medicines have been shown to reduce fracture rates amongst individuals with and without fracture history, and even amongst those that have already suffered multiple fractures.


We know what’s needed to reduce the risk of hip fracture, and here in New Zealand, major efforts are underway to turn that knowledge into better health outcomes to make the first fragility fracture the last. A major effort is underway to:

1. Implement world-class Fracture Liaison Services (FLS)

throughout NZ The FLS multidisciplinary model of care ensures that Kiwis over 50 who present to the health system with a fragility fracture undergo comprehensive risk assessment and receive evidence-based interventions where needed.

The performance will be benchmarked against broadly endorsed clinical standards through participation in the New Zealand Fragility Fracture Registry, which provides real-time feedback to improve the care provided to fracture patients. This work is the focus of a national quality improvement initiative being led by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Osteoporosis New Zealand and other partners in the Live Stronger for Longer Program.


2. Encourage at-risk Kiwis to ‘Know Your Bones’

While FLS are working hard to manage the 22,300 new fragility fractures that occur each year, Osteoporosis New Zealand estimates that 200,000 of our over 50s have a history of fragility fracture prior to the introduction of FLS and may not have yet undergone an assessment of their future fracture risk. If you’re over 50 and have broken a bone as a result of a minor fall, take action this World Osteoporosis Day for the future of your bones. The Know your Bones™ online self-assessment tool will give you a personalised report explaining your fracture risk, which can then be discussed with your doctor.


Take the test today at and make your first fracture your last fracture