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World Allied Health World Allied Health Professions Day - 14 October

A thanks from Allied Health Director, Hilary Exton:

"Words are so inefficient sometimes. How can two small words adequately convey my admiration, respect and thankfulness for the work you all do?

Nonetheless, today is Allied Health Professions Day, and I want to say thank you to all the staff who work in the allied health, scientific and technical professions across Te Tauihu.

You make an amazing contribution to the health system and improve the lives of patients across the lifespan every day. And even when you can’t make things better, your compassion and care and being there makes a huge difference.

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Allied Health Professions Day customised cups with a coffee and a treat for each staff member.

Our Allied Health, Scientific and Technical workforce is diverse - made up of a huge variety of professions including dieticians, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, anaesthetic technicians, laboratory technicians, radiographers, and oral health therapists. Altogether, Allied Health, Scientific and Technical staff represent more than 20% of the Te Whatu Ora workforce.

As we have seen from the profiles and stories this week, we are so fortunate to have such a depth and breadth of skills and expertise in our community.

So thank you all. A small token of appreciation is coming your way today, thanks to a band of supporters who have worked behind the scenes, so my thanks to them also.

I hope you’ll be able to join our online zoom catch-ups across the day."

AHP Hilary and Belinda

Hilary Exton (left) shares the cup and small treat for Allied Health Professionals Day. A huge thanks to Melinda Goodger (right) for organising and supporting our celebrations.


Celebrations nationwide for all Te Whatu Ora Allied Health Staff:


Te Whatu Ora is celebrating World Allied Health Professions Day today to celebrate the skills, experience and innovation that more than 50 clinical professions ranging from physiotherapists to lab scientists and technicians bring to the health sector. 

Chief Executive Margie Apa said the breadth and depth of the skills of these clinicians is impressive and that the health system could not function without them. 

“Allied Health is a term that includes specialties such as dietitians, social workers, occupational therapists, pharmacists, anaesthetic technicians, oral health therapists, medical imaging technologists and many other clinical professions.

“This workforce plays an integral role in providing health services to patients in our hospitals and people in the community.

“World Allied Health Professions Day is a fitting time to pause and acknowledge the contribution of this important workforce.”

Te Whatu Ora is marking the occasion throughout the country, through a range of events and activities such as local Allied Health Awards, and highlighting the work of Allied Health professionals in local settings.

Chair of Te Whatu Ora Directors of Allied Health Sue Waters said that Allied Health, Scientific and Technical workers comprise over 20 per cent of the Te Whatu Ora clinical workforce.  


“Our Allied Health workforce will play a critical role as we transform our health system and build towards pae ora – healthy futures for all New Zealanders."